In response to the Covid-19 pandemic that has impacted all of us, Abbiati have been developing a range of Table-Shield Products to address the safety and hygiene requirements that are becoming the norm for casino and gaming sectors across the world.

Abbiati have secured an exclusive agreement with HeiQ Company, a leader in textile innovation, who offers a world-leading antimicrobial technology incorporated in Abbiati Table-Shield LAYOUTS.

Alongside the usual high-quality characteristics of Abbiati’s microfine cloth layouts – water and cigarette resistance with strong colour/graphic wear performance – Table-Shield LAYOUTS feature Swiss engineered HeiQ V-Block technology proven to protect against microbial contamination*. (*Table shield layouts are treated with a biocide (silver chloride).
Abbiati has partnered with HeiQ to develop a product that adopts HeiQ V-Block technology, a textile treatment that has been tested effective against SARS-CoV-2** in an independent third-party institutes of virology. HeiQ V-Block technology disrupts the behaviour of bacteria/microbe/germs on the Table Shield layouts surface. The antimicrobial treatment has been tested and quality validated to UNI EN ISO standards 20743:2013 and 18184:2019.

The HeiQ V-Block technology is certified as safe and sustainable, non-toxic and does not irritate the skin.

HEIQ and HEIQ V-BLOCK are trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) and properties of HeiQ Materials AG.
For further information please refer to

** M.J. (2020) Report on Viral Stability and Persistence of SARS-CoV-2 on Treated Material. Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Australia.

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