The Abbiati Company is privately owned by the Abbiati family and is based in Turin, Italy. Abbiati Casino Equipment has been in business in excess of 30 years and has had its professional articles for Casinos since 1976.

Abbiati has built up an international reputation and client base with almost every county and city that offers legalized gaming.

The company is on two sites within 50 metres from each other; one housing Office, Show Room and Production facilities and the other is used for assemblage and storage; with the option of expansion on both sites.

Abbiati Casino Equipment’s main business is manufacturing and supplying Casino based equipment as used in live gaming: Roulette Wheels, Tables, Value Chips, Plaques and Jetons and all styles of gaming layouts (table felts) together with technical back up of full CAD design and technical services.

Our manufacturing facility is split into three main sections, all located under the same roof:
  • Chips and Plaques are manufactured with the latest injection moulding machines, incorporating the latest RFID Technology using 13.56 MHz with PJM.
  • Table and Roulette Wheel manufacture and assembly incorporate our CNC machining processes to ensure quality and precision, along with Layout (table felts) design and printing department for both wool and synthetic products.
  • Electronic departments for the assemblage of Winning Number Displays, Laser Wheels and Independent electronic levelling systems for Roulette wheels.

All our manufacturing processes are supported by our Graphic and CAD Design department, to ensure Italian Quality and Design.

Quality, Service and Security are prime objectives for the Abbiati Company, which has secure rooms and high surveillance for the final assembly of the value chips incorporating RFID.

Our consistent growth and success stands as a witness of our continued commitment to deliver high quality, flawless products and services.

    Giovanni Abbiati



9, Strada della Risera


TEL. +39 011 9567865

FAX. +39 011 9567871