The Environmental Policy of the ABBIATI CASINO EQUIPMENT S.r.l. company consists in managing its business consistent with the environmental and economic needs of the surrounding community.

The Company encourages attention and respect for the environment; it dedicates attention to the employees’ responsibilities for what concerns environmental results, and ensures that suitable operational procedures and training programs for employees are performed.

This Environmental Policy is disclosed, to the public, via the official website and through internal billboards to all staff.

With this document, the company formally commits to improving constantly and preventing pollution; it commits to ensuring consistency with all related environment legislations and regulations.

Safeguarding Health and Security of all employees, third parties involved in the operations, customers and surrounding population are the main aim of this Company Policy.

The Company commits to making continuous efforts to identify and eliminate or control risky situations connected to its activities.

Regulating each process in order to protect the environment while maintaining attention to employees, its own and third parties assets and the local community in which Abbiati works.

Scheduling regular reviews in order to control the managed processes and grant respect to this policy; with particular attention to the management’s prearranged environmental aims.


To reach the aims of its Environmental Policy ABBIATI CASINO EQUPMENT S.r.l. started to define and has been developing adequate procedures and instructions following the ISO 14001:2015 standards and for this reason ABBIATI CASINO EQUIPMENT S.r.l. organizes itself as follow:

  • Accurate analysis of all applicable compulsory requirements and periodical testing of their respect;
  • Setting aims for improvement, also and, as far as what concerns the environment;
  • Defining processes, times and resources to achieve the established aims;
  • By an organisational structure, which provides for allocation of precise roles and responsibilities with regards to environmental management;
  • With scheduled and systematic training and staff sensitising with a view, inter alia, to environmental management;
  • Officially defining communication channels inside and outside the company, on all operational levels, also thorough the consultation and participation of all employees and their representatives;
  • With a structured control of the documentation, so it may be continuously available and coherent with the status of the environmental management;
  • Specific procedures as to be able to face any establishment’s emergency;
  • With a self-auditing system, equal to the Quality Management System, through the inspection of the Non-conformities, regarding also the environment, in relation to what has been established and related corrective actions.


With this Policy, the company encourages strategies, oriented to improve all environmental performances of its own processes and support resource savings.

Rosta (TO), 11th July 2018