The ABBIATI CASINO EQUIPMENT S.r.l. Management, in relation to its business strategy, has defined the present quality policy based on the following principles:

    • Focus on the client: the quality management mainly focuses on the customer’s satisfaction and commits to improve on all the linked expectations, also by a constant and continuous monitoring of the performed supplies.

    • Leadership: the Abbiati Management aims to involve all the managers in order to ensure a sole intention and orientation at all levels and to generate conditions, which allow people to participate actively in order to achieving quality purposes. For this reason, the Management has defined and established appropriate performance indicators and provides regular progress meetings to control the achievement of the specific purposes and projects.
    • Active involvement of people: skilled, responsible and actively involved persons provide the organization with the ability to create and deliver value, for this reason, Abbiati has established weekly meetings for the coordination.

    • Commitment to improve: improvement is fundamental to allow the organization to maintain and improve the present performance levels, respond to all changes in the internal and external conditions and generate new opportunities.

    • Decisions based on evidence: decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of all data and information are more likely to generate the desired results. The Abbiati Management defines and maintains active functioning and management methods, including proper procedures of substantiated information that grant operational control and supplied products and services conformity.

    • Relationship management: for lasting success, the organization manages its relations with parties involved, such as suppliers, partners, clients and authorities (both nationally and internationally). The history of the company and its consolidated position over time, are guarantees for the plurality of the parties involved, towards whom ABBIATI CASINO EQUIPMENT S.r.l. commits to giving a feedback in the shortest possible time to satisfy the expectations.

    • Commitment to compliance with legal requirements: the respect of applicable legal requirements and of other subscribed requirements is a duty for all the organizations, for this reason, ABBIATI CASINO EQUIPMENT S.r.l. commits to completely satisfy both health and safety, environmental and economic-financial legislations, and specific requirements, which can be applicable to the final products in a plurality of markets.

In compliance with these principles ABBIATI CASINO EQUIPMENT S.r.l., defined as main purposes:

  • The consolidation of its position in the international market;
  • Ensure full respect for all the compliance aspects, which are applicable to the ABBIATI company;
  • The quality and reliability of its products, in order to promote its Made in Italy brand to the greatest extent possible;
  • Prompt responses to clients’ requests;
  • The flexibility of the company’s structure in order to grant a prompt response to market changes;
  • A constant research of innovative products;
  • The optimization of production, design and management processes through innovative techniques, which allow their full efficacy and efficiency.

The management commits to fulfil the expressed purposes adopting the methods envisaged by the Quality Management System.

The Quality Manager has the duty and the complete authority to ensure compliance with the above statement.

Date 30/03/2019