Do you think that casino security has improved over the last few years?

A wide range of changes have occurred in the casino industry over the last few years, especially as far as concerns security. Casino operators have strong necessities to ensure the integrity of the game and its correct functioning, and for this reason they have spent considerable time and effort developing new devices and methods to ensure casino security.

What are the reasons for this improvement or otherwise?

One of the main reason is to avoid counterfeiting of casino currency and devices: the development of new technologies, such as the RFID installed in chips and plaques, allow the casino to have perfect control on the game at the tables. Unfortunately, attempt to counterfeit and modifications of casino devices are more and more frequent, for this reason it becomes fundamental for suppliers in conjunction with the operator to developing new solutions to prevent these unauthorized attempts.

How important are technological advancements when it comes to security?

Technological advancements are the basic feature to ensure security inside a casino: the continue research in developing new devices and methods that can ensure the tracking of all the movements inside a casino is fundamental. Moreover, if the development of new security solutions does not occur, customers/cheats will attempt to bypass security which could cause a loss of revenue to the casino

What are the best ways to keep ahead of the cheats?

The best way to keep ahead of the cheats, as I mentioned before, is to maintain the technology update with installations of new management systems inside the casino and at gaming tables. For example, the new RFID systems developed to track currency (Chips and Plaques) movements at and between tables are innovative methods to tackle counterfeiting. Another example is the development of casino management systems that create an integrated system, which allows the control on all the tables and the validation of game correctness.

In which ways do your products provide operators with extra security?

Abbiati products are characterized by a wide range of security features that enable the casino to have a control on the games at the tables. First of all, all casino currency manufactured by our Company, including the patented “Tie chips” line, are featured by 13.56 MHz PJM RFID, 3-in-1 UV security feature, Laser Tracer technology, Optical Variable Ink, high security holograms. Also gaming tables are provided with specific RFID reading devices located under their playing surfaces. It is important to mention that for the casino to maintain security features which are totally invisible to customers: it is fundamental that products with these security features maintain the same appearance and look like the ones without these characteristics. As a matter of fact, customers do not have to know which security features are present in each product: this enforces the security level for the casino with the added technology in their products. For this reason, Abbiati have developed a new patented invisible laser technology for their American Roulette Laser Wheel certified GLI-25.

How important is the security aspect when developing new products?

Security aspects continue to increment their importance when new products are designed and manufactured. Professional operators require products with updated technologies and solutions which can prevent potential attempts of casino equipment alterations. As security is becoming an important and essential element inside the casino, suppliers cannot avoid considering these features when developing new products.

How do you see the future of casino security?

Casino security is probably one of the main feature as far as concerns the future of the industry: in the last few years we have seen many product developments and we have no reason to think that this growth will not continue in the coming years. It is reasonable thinking that the demand of security features will increase constantly as new technology becomes available to suppliers who will be able to manufacture products with new designs and innovative security features, Abbiati as a leading supplier to the World wide Casino market (land base, cruise and live-on-line casinos) will always ensure they have the latest design and innovative products possible.