(Italy) – Abbiati Casino Equipment, renowned for their Italian Quality and Design and the leading international casino equipment manufacturer, has registered another successful ICE show, which took place in London’s Excel exhibition center on 5-7 February.

This was Abbiati’s 25th successive year exhibiting at the London ICE Show. Abbiati celebrated their 25th anniversary by featuring brand new gaming tables, designed and custom built with innovative composite materials and finishes. These new products can satisfy the most sophisticated and prestigious VIP rooms of all the major casinos worldwide.

Visitors to the Abbiati booth had the opportunity to admire the new models of GLI-25 certified American Roulette Laser Wheels, which incorporate an upgraded patented invisible laser technology (Class 1A). The new Abbiati Roulette Wheels have a new ball track profile that enable roulette wheels to achieve higher level of performance with increased security. The roulette wheel was installed on a new American Roulette Table designed by Abbiati with an innovative lighting system incorporated in the Roulette Wheel. The system is named K-Wheel and in addition to the wheel, it also enables Winning Number Displays and possible under table lighting. It follows the game status, such as becoming red light when no more bets occur. “This new lighting system not only increments the entertainment of players and attract them to the table, but also improves and increases the security and table game control in the casino” explained Mr. Giorgio Abbiati, CEO of the company.

A second brand new roulette wheel was shown on the Abbiati stand: it is an 18 numbers roulette wheel adapted for the new game called Roulette-18® designed by the game inventor Stephen Au-Yeung. It is incorporated in a completely new American roulette table realized by using the finest materials and prestigious finishes, following the Abbiati style of manufacture. The table is part of the new table line of the company characterized by elegant lighting system on table basis, which increments the level of refinement of Abbiati products. The second table belonging to this new table line exhibited at the show was a brand new Black Jack with the new game Side-Bonus® Blackjack™ designed by Stephen Au-Yeung. Tables made in mahogany wood and featured of fine finishes catch the attention of visitors: who stopped at Abbiati booth trying to play these new games, Abbiati had professional dealers on all tables to explain and deal these new games.

All Abbiati Gaming Tables were completed by a large selection of high-quality multimedia displays featuring bespoke graphics, customized cabinets, with a range of various designs and finishes. Abbiati’s Roulette Wheels and Displays are being used by both, land based live gaming and online live table gaming operators, for which Abbiati’s Laser Wheel has specific security features to control in real time all the security steps and protocols and to produce all the required game performance data that may be needed .

Along with the new games, visitors were impressed by the high quality of Abbiati layouts, available in different kind of cloths and designs. Abbiati gaming layouts are completely customizable and can be realized in different typology of microfiber, including the new cloth completely fireproof, in 100% wool or in Alcantara.

For the importance of the show and to celebrate their anniversary, Abbiati has presented an additional brand-new Black Jack Table with a table base never seen before. This has been named “Petal Base” as the shape recall the petals of a flower: it can change colours continuously to entertain clients and create a new atmosphere inside casino rooms. Lights are also present on the top of the table incorporated in the white Corian® that enables the lights to shine through, incrementing players’ amusement at the table.

The commitment of the company in realizing new products was represented by an additional completely new Electronic Sic-Bo table: it hosts a dice game very popular in the Asian market, which catch the attention of many show attendees at ICE. The Abbiati table was impressive for its elegance and high quality: realized in eco-leather and composite materials, with PVD gold inserts, it contains a light box which easily shows the winning bet combinations played.

Show visitors had a possibility to see Abbiati’s line of patented “Tie” Value Chips, featuring multiple injections and see-thru inserts and a combination of intricate and innovative rim and edge inserts, as well as the new range of casino currency featuring 13.56 MHz PJM 3.0 RFID technology. This brand-new Value Tie chips range was showcased at Abbiati booth: Abbiati have improved the manufactured of this patented line creating chips with holoprismatic effect in the decal that reinforces the security of casino Value Chip. More than 35 years of experience have allow Abbiati to introduce to the market a very high security product to avoid counterfeiting and manipulation of chips and plaques. “Security issues are our key focus for casino operators and we keep it in strong consideration in our manufactures. The addition of security features, such as security holograms, 3-in-1 UV sensitive colours, security features such as Laser Tracer technology, and Optical Variable Inks, makes our products more reliable and trustable to the main operators of the market,” affirmed Mr. Terry Clarke.

 “Our intention is always to present innovative products that anticipates the new trends in the market and we can affirm to have reached this goal at ICE 2019,” Mr. Giorgio Abbiati claimed. “The show is a great platform to demonstrate how Abbiati products have continued to improve and develop during the years, using new innovative materials, designs and applied technologies”, he continues. “Presenting our line of products to the ICE show visitors, we want to demonstrate yet again our flexibility and ability to manufacture exclusive, high-end, customized equipment”.

 The show was for the company an impressive success especially due to the huge number of new products showcased, which caught the attention of existing and new clients. “We want to thank Clarion Events for its flawless organization that make this show more relevant and efficient year after year” ended Mr. Giorgio Abbiati.

All the company expressed its appreciation for the feedback received by its show visitors and wants to thank all the customers together with potential new customers who visited the Abbiati booth. Abbiati Casino Equipment continue their strategic business development with strong support from their Strategy Consultant and Advisor David K Heap. Mrs. Angela and Mr. Giovanni Abbiati thank all Abbiati Team who was involved in the organization of the show, the R&D and Production Departments, along with all the collaborators and partners who took part in the ICE show for their ongoing support.